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I just realised yesterday that I haven't drawn anything for myself in over a week. This is somewhat unusual because usually when I'm not drawing I feel weird, like something's missing.

I think when you're working on stuff for a film and on stuff for other people's films it gives you the impression that you're drawing for yourself, but you're not really...

I also forgot how gross coldsores are D:< NOTHING about the process of having a coldsore is somewhat pleasant, every stage is disgusting. Yuck.

I gave in and starting reading the Sonic comics as well :"D Starting at 1993 and working onwards to 2010! They are pleasantly lame in a way that only a nineties franchise comic can be. The awful puns would probably push me over the edge if I weren't so nostalgic...
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Oh wow, this was by far the best Sunday morning ever!!!!!! EVER!!! TBS was lagging and pixelating but I DID NOT CARE because I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! With the anime really, was always in love with the manga. I'm currently downloading a high res RAW so I'll post in more detail about my reactions to the ep later when I have a clearer sense of what's happening BUT THE OP AND ED OMG!!!!!!!!!! THE ANIMATION!!! I CAN'T EVEN--!!!!! The opening is absolutely gorgeous and the ending is so fucking adorable, I am so overflowing with joy ;mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm;

Plus I joined in in the live stream chat over on fm_alchemist which made things ten times more fun with all of our combined awesome nerdyness X333333


I don't how I'm gonna get any work done today ;m; But I must...

Anyways, more later. Breakfast time! *spasms off to the kitchen*


Okay, so throughout the day I have evolved from pixelated live stream, to .avi, to delicious HD .mkv, to delicious HD .mkv mit SUBS. And here is what I have to say:

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Getting work done today was so difficult DDD:< But I got some After Effects crap done. Still the most difficult scenes left to animate though, plus I have to find new effing music >__> I may have to resort to turning off the internet tomorrow ;___;
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Berlin, Ich Leibe Dich~

Yo yo yo, delayed Berlin and Pictoplasma pictchoooors dawg~

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So, it is the first day of the Easter Holidays, and I am off for two weeks, which will be filled with me doing stuff for the four deadlines I have due the week I come back, one of which is my movie :/ My aim is to get it done and dusted this week so I can get working on the other crap the second week. And I did nothing last night and very little of it today >___> I had a horrible dip of confidence feeling that everything I produce is shit which I end up being overly precious of and I will never make any artistic progress if I continue in this way, so that sort of finished me off for today :/ I might do a bit more later when I finish up here though...but yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll get it done by the end of the week if I get my damn ass in gear >_> So despite this going to be a pretty busy two weeks, I really was looking forward to this break, I was absolutely exhausted last week, both physically and emotionally D: I feel much better today though~

I also need to send out CV's this week in a feeble attempt to get a new job in these times of global econmic collapse :/ If I don't get a new job, I wonder if Gala will take me back? I promise (that seems sceptical) I won't complain anymore, I just need the money D: Germany has left me more broke than ever, you would not believe the ammount of money I have left in my account ;_;

I want to start playing JFA again over this break too, I feel like I've fallen out of the Ace Attorney fandom somewhat and it makes me deeply sad :,(

BUT IN MOST IMPORTANT NEWS FMA BROHOOD PREMIERS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, this past day and a half this wave of pre-Christmas-like excitement has just gripped me, it's wonderful X33333 Probably because I've downloaded KeyHole TV so I can get up for 8am tomorrow and watch it live on TBS, even though the quality won't be great and I won't understand the majority of what's been said said, save the usual weeabo fanwords >_> BUT IT'S THE EVENT THAT COUNTS! I seriously hope it will be good, the footage they've released so far is quite tantalising <3 So yes, early Sunday morning tomorrow~ I'm actually watching TBS right now, they just seem to be constantly streaming adds :/ I saw Beyonce dancing around flinging water everywhere earlier, then Catherine Zeta Jones advertising Lux shampoo ;_; Western celebrities endorsement influx much? But I caught the end of an ad for Yui's song yesterday!!! :DDDD

So yes, there will be much fangasming tomorrow if KeyHole TV doesn't decide to fuck up on me :/
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multiple Kaworus! (just like in the actual franchise!) - icon post # 3

Finally got around to making those "Gakuen Datenroku" Kaworu icons last night and this morning :D I think I got a bit carried away, I made, like, fifteen, which is the most I've ever made ;__; I quite like how they turned out in general though, hopefully I'm improving at this....I don't know how some people get the inspiration to make, like, fity-something icons though : O

Anyways, enough stalling, here's a preview:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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*brain implodes*

Just read the RAW ;________________________________; Proper discussion will come once the scanlations are out.

But just ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod X3333333 STUFF IS STILL HAPPENING!!!!!!!!! LOTS OF STUFF!!!

My vocabulary has diminished greatly since the summer began :"D Thank God I've started reading again X"D

Me talk pretty soon! Yes!

I just want to say one more thing though even though I know this has been said many times before after the infamous "bath scene" a few chapters back, but when did Winry get such great boobs? I can't over them :"D They're kind of just suddenly...there. But in saying that, Edo's got some fine shoulders on him too X33333

Hehe, episode four of Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei parodies Asuka's battle scene against the new Evas in End of Evangelion, one of the many scenes of that movie I found fascinating yet very disturbing. I still can't watch all of that part...anyways, how bizarre yet brilliant, like many things in that anime. But that's why I love it <3
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to keep herself occupied...

I think the time has come to make some more lists....I like making lists...

Stole this idea from quimmy (ILU! :D <33)

---------SUMMER 2008 // TO BE READ/WATCHED/PLAYED----------

~TO BE READ (Novels)~
*Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- J. K. Rowling (halfway through. I know, I'm pathetic)
*The Lies of Locke Lamora-Scott Lynch (currently)
*The Wind up Bird Chronicle-Haruki Murakami

~TO BE READ (manga series and comics)~
*YGO Millenium World vols. 7 and 8
*Tekkonkinkreet (Black and White) (currently)
*Bear vols. 1 & 2
*Saiyuki (currently)
*I"S (wanting to start)

~TO BE WATCHED (anime, movies and other shows)~
*Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (halfway through)
*Lucky Star (halfway through)
*Mushishi (need to get back into it, so beautiful)
*Prince of Tennis (wanting)
*Samurai Champloo (wanting)
*Nobuta wo Produce (wanting)
*Heroes season 1 (wanting)
*Kaiba (wanting)
*Dead Like Me (wanting)
*Oofuri (wanting)
*Death Note (wanting)

*Final Fantasy III (current)
*Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (curently)
*Pokemon Diamond (started)
*Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (currently)


~READ (Novels)~
*Kitchen- Banana Yoshimoto
*A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers- Xiaolu Guo
*A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian- Marina Lewycka

~READ (manga and comics)~
*Vampire Doll vols. 2-4
*Fullmetal Alchemist (current and up to date)
*Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (current and up to date)
*Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku (current and up to date)
*We Can Still Be Friends- Mawil
*Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories vol. 2
*MuzZ vol. 1
*xxxHolic (current and up to date)
*Trinity Blood vols. 1-4
*Death Note
*The Complete Persepolis- Marjan Satrapi

~WATCHED (anime, movies and other shows)~
*Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
*La Dolce Vita
*Forgetting Sarah Marshall
*Indiana Jones original movies 1-3
*Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
*Sleepy Hollow
*Dead Leaves
*Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth
*The Royal Tenenbaums
*The Dark Knight
*Curse of the Golden Flower
*Drop Dead Fred
*Origin: Spirits of the Past
*Hellboy II: The Golden Army

*Kingdom Hearts 2 (finished the main story! Have to go back and do a few things)


Will be constantly changing throughout the summer. Recommendations are, eh, always welcome :"D
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icon post numero deux

Hmm, I made these IDEA (<3) icons a few weeks back and they turned out really nice, but I didn't want to post them until I had some other icons to go with them. So I ended up making only 5 icons from chapter 83 of FMA ;__; Blahhh, I dunno, I was low on inspiration and motivation and all the other stuff you need to make nice icons.

Hope you might enjoy anyway...


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Was just casually browsing around the EVA Store on Gainax's website and LOOK at what I came across!!!!!!


O________________________________O I WAAAANT ITTT!!!!!! Isn't he magnificent??? God, I mean, he's like, perfection in PVC form ;wwwwwwwww; I wonder will he be on EBay in time for my birthday.....*fantasizes*

And aren't these adorable? X"333333333

Chibi Pilots from that DS Game

Yet another reason to add to my list of "Why I should go to Japan" :D



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the youtube/ caramelldansen/ anime parodies entry

Whoo~ have kind of gotten addicted to that "CaramellDansen" parody thing on YouTube. You know the one where there's various anime characters doing the cute little flappy hands dance? There's one for practically every anime really :/ And I feel like posting some of my favourites for no particular reason YAY VIDEO SPAMMAGE!

FMA ONE YEEEEAHHHH!!!! X33333 Bwah, 'tis adorable <3

Evangelion one! X3333 OH GAWDS IT'S JUST SO DAMN CUTE!!!! The angels and the Eva's dancing is just plain creepy though D: I love how Shinji's blushing when he's dancing with Kaworu-kun X3

Second Evangelion one, a Kaworu special!!! <33333333333333 It's hilarious too X333 I love how Rebuild!Kaworu is in a box XD

Horitsuba Gakuen!!! :DDDDDD LUFF!! This Fai and Yuui thing is damn confusing though >_> Apparently they switched names for this sice story. WHY!?!? Stupid CLAMP and their ability to wreck heads...I need to listen to more of the drama CDs.

Oh, and remember that Tsubasa "dan jo dan jo dan jo" parody? Probably not. But anyways, I found an FMA version which is brilliant X3 I <3 it.

And while I'm YouTube whoreing, I may as well post this; Evangelion opening Ouran style XDDDD Really well put together.

I can get easily addicted to trashy eurodance. I mean, I keep listening to that CaramellDansen thing plus my stoopid sister has gotten me back into the Vengaboys D: Memories~ X"D I've also kind of become preoccupied with that virtual idol Miku Hatsune. I like the whole virtual thing, it's a bit angsty XD Plus it's cool how a computer can sing. I like a few of her songs. This one is probably my favourite:

She's cute, isn't she? :3 She's pretty big right now...

God, that's a lot of videos. I'll probably watch them all after I post this X"D *sadsadsadsad*

Haven't really been doing much since last time, it's all been a bit blurry ;__; Sleeping, watching Gurren Lagann (on ep 14), drawing a bit, reading a bit, Interwebz. Have started cleaning my room though, I mean a BIG clean out XD I have about one third done. I have discovered that I enjoy organising stuff in boxes ;__; I am getting more boring by the minute.

Meh, starting work again next week I think D: Blehhhh...but me needs money to repair the hole the DS made. Speaking of the DS, have started Final Fantasy III about FOUR TIMES because I didn't know how to save properly and was too lazy to check the manual. I was chatting with Jenny tonight and she told me you save on the world map BAWWWWWWW DDDDX But oh well, fifth time's a charm...

Where is the RAW of FMA 83???? Want D:

........*rambles off into the distance because there are no more videos to post :"D*